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Greyhounds always seem ready to pose for a camera.  Here's a few of our favorite pictures.

Duffy (Kiowa Bet Duff, 11) at the spa!

Julie and Tammy at Largo's Farmer's Market

Tina (10) getting ready for St. Patty's

Mr. Barkley (12) and dad, Dave Murphy at the Mardi Gras for Paws, Dunedin, Fl.

This is Ivey and Winter at the Animal House
M&G on June 15, 2008.


Happy Dog

The gang at the car show

Jane's 2 month old pups

Matt with Pups

Nancy with pups
more farm photos.... ->

Carla with her new friends.

Christmas 2008, Petco in Brooksville, FL

Senior Greyhounds at the Chi Institute are used as models to teach vets how to do acupuncture.  They make perfect models because of their gentle nature, calmness and body structure. 

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Very Fast

At maximum acceleration, a greyhound reaches a full speed of 70 kmh within 30 meters or six strides from the boxes, traveling at almost 20 meters per second for the first 250 meters of a race.

Couch Potato

Greyhounds require little exercise, are very quiet, and are ideal for suburban homes, unlike many other large breeds of dogs.

Living Color

Greyhounds come in 19 different primary colors and in over 55 different color combinations.




Sketches: Susan Colflesh
Some Pictures Praveen Mutalik