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Web Resources

The Greyhound Discussion List - A discussion board with over 2500 members including adoption groups, individual adopters, racing enthusiasts/owners/breeders, veterinarians, vendors, etc. A good resource for the greyhound adopter to get information and advice about behavior, nutrition, injuries, training, etc...

Greyhound Pets Of America National Website A greyhound chat room designed to learn about and discuss greyhounds. This is a wonderful site to visit if you would like to learn about greyhound related topics and compare stories about your greyhound and other greyhounds. You can even chat about if a greyhound is right for you and your family.

The Greyhound Project, Inc. Publishes "CG Magazine" (formerly Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine) & the famous annual "Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar". There is a wealth of information on why and how retired racing greyhounds can make wonderful pets!

Global  The Fun and Friendly Place for Greyhound Discussions. - America’s Original “Amber Alert” Emergency Broadcast System For Lost, Stolen, and Found Pets


The National Greyhound Association is the governing body of Greyhound Racing in the United States.  The also sell various Greyhound accessories (muzzles, squawkers, blankets, etc.) geared toward the racing kennel. This site instructs you on how to obtain the official racing history of your dog by mailing in the ear tattoo numbers. For a price, you can even receive a certificate naming you as the registered owner of your dog.

Greyhound-Data database contains more than 400,000 pedigrees and has been online since 1999.  Most of them are from America, Australia, Ireland and Great Britain with the oldest pedigrees going back to 1790. Our site is highly visited by breeding enthusiasts and owners of adopted Greyhounds, who are searching for the race history or relatives of their dogs. Everybody can add his dogs to the database and upload pictures.

Rosnet Greyhound Racing - enter your dog's full racing name under "Greyhound Data" and find out their birthday, parents, littermates and racing history, complete with commentary such as "Bumped, inside", "Led all the way" or the dreaded "No factor". This is a free site, and records can be incomplete.

Read the top line...

Greyhounds can see CLEARLY for a distance of a half-mile.

They can get speeding tickets

Greyhounds are the fastest breed of dog, reaching top speeds of 40 miles per hour!


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